28 x 16 x 4 cm
18 x 18 x 4 cm

Re-claim stoneware, Oystershell glaze, Feldspar chips
This family of plates are designed to the characteristics of the (Saccostrea glomerata, Sydney rock) species. Oyster shells are collected from PARCS and cleaned to remove algae.

Oyster shells contain high levels of calcium carbonate, an ingredient in ceramic glazes and contribute to developing a matte surface texture. The shells are calcined by bisque firing (1000 degrees), breaking down into a powder. Red gum ash from the wood fire of PARCS sister restaurant Aru is also collected. It is sieved, washed and then used as an ingredient in an additional glaze layer in the pools of the plates.

Combinations of raw materials and their proportions are methodically tested to produce different glaze surfaces. The final glaze contains 17% of the calcined oyster shells and 28.6% wood ash. The clay body is made entirely from collected and reconstituted clay from previous and failed projects.

This work has been developed for PARCS during a residency with Collective Territories. Exploring the life-cycle of oysters through food and ceramics.