FLORA reflects the historical obsession displaying wealth and status through the tulip. Through this exhibition, Lau showcases an interest in the canon of the historical vase through contrasting material directions. The two pieces in the exhibition, taking visual and cultural cues from the ‘East’ and the ‘West’, are totem vessels inspired by arrangements dedicated to the presentation of cut flowers. FLORA interrogates decoration and use and to a degree the line between arts and craft. Does taking the function away from an object question its existence? Or does it call to invite ‘thingly’ potential?.


100 H x 33 W x 33 D cm

Stoneware, Oyster Shell glaze, Feldspar Chips
Rising Spring takes on a variety of classical motifs such as fluting of columns, flowerets, scallop shells, and ornate decorations. Order and perfection is trifled by creating spaces for  organisation of singular-stem florals. Its shapely silhouette speaks of the body, incumbent with tiers of adornment. These deliberate, precise, and precious applications of decoration form a restrained elegance with a single white glaze, questioning and bending excess and modernism.